Interested in Working for Lingua Espresso as An Instructor?

We specialize in teaching English online to Japanese adults using Skype. We offer private instruction which follows a fully-customized lesson plan for each student. We are currently looking for instructors who meet the general requirements; however, we sometimes have additional seasonal preferences. Those who do not meet this will still be considered, but those who do will be given much higher priority.

What This Position Is and Isn't

This position is:

Please see Benefits for more.

This position is not:

Seasonal Preferences

We have an introductory essay writing course (syllabus). Unlike our typical private lessons, this resembles a conventional classroom course, although it is still taught on line; it is a group course, and it follows a predetermined lesson schedule. The class meets weekly, on late Friday afternoons (e.g., 5pm — That's their 10am, Saturdays) for an hour and a half. We need an instructor who can start teaching this course in 2010.

Most of the students take this course as part of their preparation for TOEFL. This means their English is generally not good enough for college-level classes in the US and that this course has a strong ESL element to it.

You do not necessarily need an advanced English degree, but we prefer those who have taught essay writing at college level. You will also need to have a relatively strong TESOL background with adult learners because the students will ask you the kinds of questions native speakers will not ask.

General Requirements

We are looking for people who:


Benefits of the position include:

How to Apply

If you'd like to apply for this job, please follow the following three steps (yes, all three):

  1. Measure your Internet connection speed by following the provided instructions. Estimated time: 5 min.
  2. Fill in our online application form. Estimated time: 30-60 min.
  3. Send us your resume (plain text, RTF, Word or PDF) by email at Start the subject with your full name, followed by your one-line blurb to help us organize your applications.

Despite the typical advice by career counselors, we do not mind resumes longer than two pages. They can be longer as long as: i) they are so because it contains pertinent information; and ii) it is presented in a visually clean way.

You will be contacted by us if you passed the initial screening. Please check your spam settings to ensure that our reply email will not be deleted.